Meet My Spiralizer

People often ask me for advice on kitchen gadgets. Considering how much I cook I actually use very few different kitchen tools, I don’t even own a mixer! I’m not a fan of tools that only serve one purpose (like lemon zesters or garlic presses). My kitchen measures in at 9 feet by 6 feet, so if I’m going to buy a tool- it needs to have many uses to justify the amount of space it takes up. All that aside, I must say that one of the most useful tools I own is my spiralizer. I have a simple version that cost about $28, and I use it constantly to make homemade vegetable pastas, garnishes, curly fries, relishes, gourmet salads and more.


If you want to see details, like all of the attachment blades you can use, check out the exact product here. FYI- I don’t make any money off of this endorsement and I don’t make any money from you following the link. I’m posting this because I genuinely love my sprializer, and I’m planning on posting recipes utilizing it later in the week.

What are your favorite kitchen tools?